Know someone who deserves to be the Capital Chemist Volunteer of the Month?



Winner for the month of April 2024
Administrator St. Edmund's College
Rosalba volunteers across three football clubs in our region, Monaro Panthers U6 as Coach/Manager, St Edmunds College U16 as Manager and Club Administration Assistant and also as Canberra Croatia NPLW17 Manager.


Winner for the month of July 2023
South Canberra FC superstar Bridie Cash has been announced as the July winner of the Capital Chemist Volunteer of the Month! Bridie is someone who is always available to help and gives her all to the club. She coaches, plays, runs the canteen and has been doing all the planning for their Womens World Cup events


Winner for the month of June 2023
Coach Belnorth FC
Belnorth FC stalwart Andrew Daly has been announced as the June winner of the Capital Chemist Volunteer of the Month! Andrew scooped the award as recognition of the amazing work that he does at the Northside club, a dedication to a mountain of tasks that was recognised by his fellow volunteers and team officials.


Winner for the month of May 2023
Administrator Tuggeranong United
Don Wales of Tuggeranong United has been named as the May winner of the Capital Chemist Volunteer of the Month Award. Wales had been an instrumental meant part of the Southside club for several seasons and is a well-known face around the club.


Winner for the month of August 2022
Coach Woden Valley
Atticus Jackson has just turned 14. He has been volunteering alongside his Mum for three years now coaching. He has progressed from assistant coach to co-coach over the years. He now does everything from planning training sessions to developing the line up each week.


Winner for the month of July 2022
Manager & Referee
Penny works very hard managing both the Tigers u23s and u18s. whilst Gavin is in his 13th year as a qualified referee Level 4 and has been the Gungahlin United Club Referee Coordinator since 2016.
ROB OAKLEY's photo


Winner for the month of June 2022
Administrator Canberra United Powerchair
Rob Oakley has been an integral part of the ever-expanding Powerchair Football program for several years. His contribution to development of the program, and the support he provides by way of transport and sponsorship, provides kids that haven’t had the same opportunities as most people, the opportunities they deserve.

Kevin Keane

Winner for the month of August 2021
Canteen Manager Gungahlin United Football Club
600 hot drinks and almost one thousand cooked meals. That’s the incredible number of coffees, hot chocolates, bacon and egg rolls and sausage sandwiches that are prepared and delivered by the mighty group of canteen volunteers at Gungahlin United Football Club every Saturday during the winter season. Canteen Manager Keven Keane has been named August’s Capital Chemist Volunteer of the Month.

Danny Pearson

Winner for the month of July 2021
Coach Yass Redbacks
Yass Redback volunteers are a small but mighty group who all do the best they can so the younger generation can have the best footballing experience possible.

Robert Nicols

Winner for the month of June 2021
Referee Coordinator Woden Valley Soccer Club
Woden Valley Soccer Club’s Referee Coordinator Robert Nicols has been recognised for his decade long service to the club, named June’s Capital Chemist Volunteer of the month.

Kat Newman

Winner for the month of May 2021
Team & Competitions Manager Belnorth FC
Described as a tireless volunteer for the Belnorth Football Club, Kat Newman has been putting in the extra work to make sure everyone has an equal go

Natalie Settin

Winner for the month of April 2021
Club Committee Member Monaro Panthers FC
Described as an instrumental member of the Monaro Panthers community, Natalie Settin has been volunteering her time to help run the club, for a number of years.

Bob Parkin

Winner for the month of September 2020
Majura FC
Bob Parkin loves four things in life: his wife of 49 years Rhonda, his two sons, his four grandchildren, and most importantly, his beloved Majura FC.

Don Wales

Winner for the month of August 2020
Tuggeranong United
Growing up beside the surf of Batemans Bay, Don Wales was always inspired by his mother's tireless volunteering efforts. Her inspiration is the reason why he has been volunteering for Tuggeranong United for the past couple of years.

Kailey Tonini

Winner for the month of July 2020
Gungahlin United
If you have stumbled across Gungahlin United’s Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram accounts, then you would have seen the handiwork of Kailey Tonini. From updating friends and family of scores around the grounds, notifying teams of ground closures due to wet weather or engaging participants during the temporary suspension of football, Kailey is the hardworking volunteer behind the scene.

Anthony Blake

Winner for the month of August 2019
Monaro Panthers
Whether he’s coaching Community League, managing a venue for the McDonald’s Kanga Cup, contributing at Capital Football’s strategic planning nights or wielding the tongs in the canteen, Monaro Panthers Junior League and U18 Girls coach Anthony Blake is the sort of volunteer that clubs dream of finding.

Michael Sutton

Winner for the month of July 2019
Brindabella Blues
Michael Sutton has been a part of the Brindabella Blues Football Club for 12 years as a proud parent, volunteer and coach. Michael leads a team of coaches in Brindabella’s All-Girl Miniroo program and coordinates all of the girls' teams from Miniroos to U18s, in addition to his role as a member of the Junior Standing Advisor Committee (JSAC).

Paige Jensen

Winner for the month of June 2019
Tuggeranong United
Paige Jensen has been a part of Tuggeranong United for thirteen years when her eldest child began playing at age 5. At the start of the 2019 season, United’s U12s team was left with no coach or manager and not enough player, so Paige took it upon herself to find more players to create a team.

James McKay

Winner for the month of May 2019
Woden Valley
James McKay has been involved with Woden Valley Soccer Club since 1999 when his son began playing. Over the course of his 20-year involvement with the club, James has filled coaching, Committee, Vice Presidential and Presidential roles and shows no sign of slowing down yet.

Michelle Mellier

Winner for the month of August 2018
Belsouth FC
Michelle Mellier’s role at Belsouth is fairly simple: jack of all trades, master of many. Her primary role is to organise merchandise for the club, all the non-playing kit and has set up an online shop for the club to make selling their items easier.

Tanya Katsoulis

Winner for the month of June 2018
Gungahlin United
Tanya Katsoulis is someone that many people in local football will recognise: an ever-present at Gungahlin United matches and grounds, cooking up a storm in the canteen and feeding the hungry masses across an entire day of NPL or NPLW action.

Michelle Ramirez

Winner for the month of May 2018
Brindabella Blues
Michelle Ramirez got into coaching as her eldest son entered football, initially helping out as an assistant coach at Brindabella Blues while looking after children of her own. Michelle said that the Blues were a great club to come across and become a part of when she was looking to get her children into the sport.

Daniel Watts

Winner for the month of April 2018
Monaro Panthers
Daniel Watts is something of an inspector gadget at Monaro Panthers, taking on a number of roles within one of the region’s fastest-growing clubs. He started out as Junior Coordinator, working with the MiniRoos age groups and since then has dabbled in and currently undertakes a staggering amount of work to help Monaro tick over on weekends.

Kathryn Yuile

Winner for the month of March 2018
Narrabundah FC
Kathryn Yuile was influential in creating Narrabundah’s first women’s team, which has now grown from just two teams in state league into five teams, including a Women’s Masters side. During Female Football Week, Kathryn was instrumental in the organization of a Narrabundah run event, with local women’s teams from Canberra coming together for a series of friendly matches that raised over $1200 for local organization Karinya House.

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