Football Australia recently launched ‘Club Changer,’ a program to support community football clubs across the country to create an effective and sustainable environment and Capital Football is proud to be able to implement this initiative in the region.

Introduced as part of Football Australia’s Legacy ’23 Program, and proudly supported by the Australian Government, through the Australian Sports Commission (ASC), Club Changer aims to protect and enhance affiliated clubs and make them stronger and more resilient.

The program will also lead clubs in building welcoming and inclusive cultures, and educate them on positive environments for players, coaches, volunteers, and officials while planning for long term viability and success.



As clubs progress through the criteria, they will be awarded 1, 2, or 3 stars. For each star award, benefits and incentives will be unlocked for the club to utilise and further progress their capacity and capability.

Click on the badges below to see how to progress from one level to another:


To discuss the Club Changer initiative further, or to find out how Club Changer can help your club, contact Capital Football Club Development Manager, Dylan Deep-Jones at Dylan.DJ@capitalfootball.com.au or call on (02) 6189 2215.

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