Who makes the decision regarding ground closures and washed out matches?

In the event of inclement weather the home club, ACT Sport and Recreation, the venue operator or the match referee will decide if fields need to be closed or if the match is to be washed out.

The exception to the rule is for matches at ‘cluster venues’ (State League Women’s, Masters League Women’s, Masters League Men’s). In the event of inclement weather, Capital Football will decide if the match is to be washed out.

Who do I contact to confirm whether my match is going ahead?

If the ground your match is scheduled to be played at is not listed below, Capital Football has not been informed that it has been closed or washed out.

To find out if your match is going ahead please check in with your team manager/coach or your club. If your club is unsure, they will contact the home club or Capital Football to verify. Capital Football can be conducted on competitions@capitalfootball.com.au or (02) 6189 2229.

Which fields have been closed or washed out?

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