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The Community Pathway is aimed at coaches whose preference is to coach at the Amateur level. The course aims to increase the coach’s knowledge and develop skills in the preparation, organisation and administration of safe, age-related training sessions.

Capital Football offers a full range of Community Courses and coaches can now opt for courses that are aligned with the FFA Building Blocks and specific to the age they are coaching.

Expand your football coaching knowledge by signing up for one of our FFA approved Community Courses today – see list of scheduled courses below.

Please note that when registering for a FFA Community course (where payment is applicable) payment in full is required at the point of registration to ensure acceptance onto the course.  See the following statement (clause 1) from the FFA Course Registration Term and Conditions:

If you would like to participate in the Course, you must:

  • Complete all areas of the registration application; and
  • Pay the course fees either by cheque or money order made payable to the relevant course administrator or by completing the online payment process.
  • As of 2016 all coaches will be required to hold a ‘Working with Vulnerable People’ (WWVP) card, therefore before the course can be completed your WWVP card must be obtained. To obtain this card please follow this link: Apply for working with vulnerable people registration.

Grassroots Courses are fully subsidised by FFA, CF and Member clubs. There is no charge for this course but all participants must still register online (Step 1) in order to receive a certificate and accreditation from FFA.


The FFA now have a new system in place when registering players, coaches etc, this also includes when registering for any coaching courses. If you have tried to register for any of Capital Football coaching courses and are experiencing issues please click on the link below to guide you through the new process. What you have to do is create a NEW ACCOUNT and all the information from your current FFA number will transfer across to your new account as long as you use the email address that is linked to your current FFA number. If you don’t have a FFA number then just follow the process as shown in the link below.


All course registrations will be completed using the PlayFootball website.  Candidates should click on the appropriate course link and use the following process:

  • Click on Coaches
  • Click on find a coaching course
  • Select State and/or Course
  • View details
  • Register (candidates will have an FFA Number or be asked to generate a number at this stage). 6. Pay for the course to complete registration.

If you require further information on community coaching courses please call 61892217 or email Phil Booth

Football Community Coaching Calendar for 2020 (More Dates Shortly)

MiniRoos Certificate (formerly Grassroots Course)
Skill Training Certificate
Community Goalkeeping Course

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