Junior Football


Capital Football bring you the Junior League which offers divisional competitions for U12’s – U18’s. The aim of this competition is to ensure inclusiveness and that all participants are having fun.

Underlying the senior football competition, the Capital Football Junior League is one of the largest leagues in Australia. It offers divisional competitions for U12’s – U18’s. Capital Football oversees the competition management of U10 and U11 MiniRoos with clubs providing the MiniRoos program to children aged 9 years and under. Many of the Capital Football junior clubs are affiliated with senior teams, providing a pathway for all ages. The junior clubs are predominantly run by volunteers, who in conjunction with Capital Football make the Junior League Competition viable.

Should you have any questions or queries, please email our Competitions Coordinator Mathu Suthan or contact them via phone: 02 6260 4000 

Junior League – kick off times

The competition will begin on 4 May 2024

Under 18 – 3.10pm Under 14 – 1.45pm
Under 16- 3.10pm Under 13 – 12.30pm
Under 15- 3.10pm Under 12 – 1.45pm

Miniroos – kick off times

Under 11 – 12.30pm Under 10 – 11.30am


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