The We Play As One Campaign will replace the current ‘Reduce Abuse’ campaign to present a more harmonious message to our football community. A message that encompasses all and gives all ownership of the importance of Respect


Football is a game for all. We all know that.

And respect is a two-way street. We all know that as well.

It’s why we are introducing the Capital Football – We Play As One Campaign.

Whether as a player, coach, official or spectator we abide by the laws of the game.

We behave in a manner that befits our fantastic sport, the true global game.

We play and believe in the We Play As One Campaign mottos.

Football, We’re here to Enjoy the Game,

Develop, display, applaud our Football Skills,

Be Worthy of Pride, in ourselves and in our Club.

Football, We say No to

Offensive, Insulting, Abusive, Discriminatory or Harmful words or behaviour

We honour Football’s Code of Conduct and Ethics.

Football. It’s our Game. Learn to respect and live our values.

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