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MiniRoos Football (MRF) games are modified forms of 11-a-side football, designed to meet the needs of players under the age of 13, who have very different developmental characteristics and needs to adult players. The philosophy of MRF focuses on enjoyment and freedom of expression with limited emphasis on coaching per se, particularly in the formative years of a player’s development.

MiniRoos will replace Small sided Football as the new name and brand for junior football.


In 2009 Football Federation Australia (FFA) released the National Curriculum. The National Curriculum was a key initiative put forward in the FFA National Football Development Plan released in November 2007. The National Curriculum aims to provide national guidance and an integrated and consistent approach to the development of players and coaches throughout the country. As a result of a combination of the release of the National Curriculum and feedback from the football community, including Member Federations, Associations, Zones, Clubs, parents and players, the MiniRoos Football formats have been adjusted for implementation at the commencement of the 2010 season and beyond.



National Curriculum

The National Curriculum is a sound, consistent and coordinated National Talent Development and Identification program for Football in Australia that aims to achieve a major improvement in the quality and performance of Australia’s top players, coaches and teams. This Curriculum is in its second edition and has been developed through a wide consultation process to ensure all relevant ideas and thinking are considered and ensuring that the appropriate areas for improvement are targeted.

National Football/Development Plan – Building Blocks

The building blocks of the National Curriculum is a summarized version of the National Curriculum that gives coaches an idea of what sort of principles they should be focusing on for each age group in line with the National Curriculum.

FFA Coaching Resource (App)

The FFA Coaching Resource is a digital version of the National Curriculum, with sessions and information more easily accessible for coaches at all level. The site contains all the sessions and information adapted to seamlessly display on an device, be it mobile, tablet or computer.

Other Resources

Additional Resources such as session plans, Course manuals and FIFA resources are also available.

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