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Become a football referee

There are many great benefits to becoming a football referee whether you still play the game, have retired, or have never played there is plenty to be gained from picking up the whistle.

Throughout Canberra and the region football is played at every level, so whether you want to referee at your local junior club or make it to the world stage like Canberra’s own Ben Williams, Ben Wilson and Allyson Flynn there are matches to suit your level and experience. Refereeing football is a great way to stay involved in the game as well as having some fun, making new friends and earn some money along the way.

Game Leader (GL)

Becoming a Game Leader is the perfect first step for kids aged 13-14 to lean the basic skills of officiating in a fun and positive club environment.

This course has been specifically designed as an introduction to officiating which allows anyone who completes the course to referee Aldi MiniRoos matches (U6-U11).

You can become a Game Leader for $85 which includes:

  • The Game Leader Course Fee;
  • The Capital Football Referee Registration Fee;
  • A green Game Leader shirt;
  • A Fox40 whistle;

Becoming a Game Leader is the perfect first step to develop the necessary skills (confidence, leadership, communication) in a fun and supportive environment before deciding to become a Level 4 Referee!

Level 4 Referee (L4R)

This course certifies anyone aged 13 and above to referee full-field football matches. It is a great way to become involved or stay involved in community football as well as:

  • develop leadership skills;
  • improve self-confidence;
  • develop communication skills; and
  • earn from $28 per game!

The course is 6 hours which includes a mixture of theory and practical units.

Before registering for the course, you must complete the  online Laws of the Game training module and send your certificate to the Coordinator of Referees. The online training module provides a basic introduction to the Laws of the Game and their interpretations which will enable you to complete the Level 4 Referee course.

Capital Football recommends that anyone aged 13 gains experience as a Game Leader for 1 year before deciding to become a Level 4 Referee.


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