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ALDI MiniRoos Football is for kids aged 4-11 who wish to learn a fun and safe sport. ALDI MiniRoos is a nationwide initiative which uses short, game-based sessions to help kids of all abilities learn new skills, become active and make life-long friends.

  • Core values of teamwork, cooperation, fair play and respect for others are at the heart of all ALDI MiniRoos programs. Three streams exist for kids to get involved within ALDI MiniRoos: Kick-Off, Club Football and Girls-Only.
  • Kick-off is the introductory form of the program for ages 4-9 aimed at beginning and developing participants. There are three windows where Kick-Off programs are run: Pre Season (January to March), Winter Season (April to August) and Post Season (October to December)
  • Club Football is tailored for children aged 4-11 who are ready and want to play in a football team. The season in Canberra runs from May to August with children playing small sided games on the weekend.
  • Girls Football is a program that allows girls who just want to have fun with friends playing and learning football in a supportive and fun environment. Currently there are no girls only sites run by Capital Football however a number of our clubs have girls only teams who play against other girls only teams.

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