MiniRoos Football is for kids aged 4-11 who wish to learn a fun and safe sport. MiniRoos is a nationwide initiative that uses short, game-based sessions to help kids of all abilities learn new skills, become active and make life-long friends.

  • Core values of teamwork, cooperation, fair play and respect for others are at the heart of all MiniRoos programs. Three streams exist for kids to get involved within MiniRoos: Kick-Off, Club Football and Girls-Only.
  • Kick-off is the introductory form of the program for ages 4-9 aimed at beginning and developing participants. There are three windows where Kick-Off programs are run: Pre Season (January to March), Winter Season (April to August) and Post Season (October to December)
  • Club Football is tailored for children aged 4-11 who are ready and want to play in a football team. The season in Canberra runs from May to August with children playing small sided games on the weekend.
  • Girls Football is a program that allows girls who just want to have fun with friends playing and learning football in a supportive and fun environment. Currently, there are no girls-only sites run by Capital Football however a number of our clubs have girls-only teams who play against other girls-only teams.

Should you have any questions or queries, please email our Competitions Coordinators Akshay Shah or James White or contact them via phone: 02 6260 4000.

For information regarding the U10 to U11 season, please click the link below.

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