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Powerchair Football is a team sport designed and developed specifically for electric wheelchair users. These participants include persons with quadriplegia, multiple sclerosis, muscular dystrophy, cerebral palsy, head trauma, stroke, spinal cord injury and other disabilities.

Capital Football has successfully run development days in Canberra along with the assistance of the Australian Powerchair Football Association and is now looking to implement more regular games and training sessions throughout 2021.

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Powerchair Football League

2021 is the inaugural season for the Powerchair Football League in Canberra. At the moment we currently have two clubs on board; Woden Valley Soccer Club and Gungahlin United Football Club.

The teams for the competition are as follows:

Woden Valley Soccer Club – Brandon Stroud, Jamie Larsen, Rob Oakley, Cate Lyons and coached by Kelly Stirton.

Gungahlin United Football Club – Michael Foster, Giovanni Tiyce, William McLennan, Lilly Sharrock and coached by Aaron Foster.

Games and training sessions will be held on alternate weeks. 

2021 Powerchair Football Season Schedule:

1 Saturday 20th March 11.00am – 12.30pm
Training Saturday 27th March 11.00am – 12.30pm
2 Saturday 1st May 11.00am – 12.30pm
Training Saturday 8th May 11.00am – 12.30pm
3 Saturday 15 May 11.00am – 12.30pm
Training Saturday 22th May 11.00am – 12.30pm
4 Saturday 5th June 11.00am – 12.30pm
Training Saturday 19th June 11.00am – 12.30pm
5 Saturday 17th July 11.00am – 12.30pm
Training Saturday 24th July 11.00am – 12.30pm
6 Saturday 31st July 11.00am – 12.30pm
Training Saturday 13th November 11.00am – 12.30pm
7 Saturday 20th November 11.00am – 12.30pm
Training Saturday 4th December 11.00am – 12.30pm
8 Saturday 11th December

11.00am – 12.30pm

Location: National Hockey Centre, 196 Mouat Street Lyneham ACT 2602

For more information on how to get involved in playing, coaching, refereeing or volunteering please email Brandon Stroud or Kelly Stirton  or contact them via phone: (02) 6260 4000.

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