Trial Matches

The Trial Match Request form is to be completed for any trial matches hosted by a Club, either against their own Club, other CF Clubs or other Member Federation Clubs.

Clubs must not arrange trial matches without first submitting this Trial Match Request Form to CF no later than seven (7) business days prior to the requested trial match date.

The match then can only be conducted upon receipt of written approval from CF.


Clubs are responsible for ensuring that the venue they wish to use for the trial match is available and should book the venue once approval has been given by CF.

Matches played at night must be played at venues with match approved lighting. For a full list of these venues, please contact CF prior to submitting the Trial Match Request Form.


Teams that participate in a Trial Match must use the Trial Match Team Sheet and submit to after the completion of the match. This will help CF conduct any tracing if required.

Players or Team Officials with a carryover suspension from 2021 are eligible to participate in Trial Matches. No more than one carried over suspension can be served in Capital Football sanctioned Trial Matches.


For approved trial matches where CF appoint the match officials, all match officials’ fees will be paid by CF directly to the match officials and the club who submitted the trial match request form will be invoiced the match officials’ fees.

Payment for referees at trial matches will be fifty percent (50%) of the normal fee for the highest graded team participating.

In the event that the match details change after submitting the Trial Match Request form, please email the Competitions Department.

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