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Mark O’Neill

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Peter Maybury

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Paul Davison

Administrator UC Stars
In 1981, Paul started playing football at the University of Canberra club (then the Canberra College of Advanced Education football club) beginning a life-long affiliation with the organisation spanning playing to administration.
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Niels Hummel

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J McMahon

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Joe Fusca

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John Jenkins

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John Logue

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John McAvoy

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John Van der Lende

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Keith Tournier

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Ken Allen

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Ken Carter

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Margaret Taylor

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Nick Szego

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Walter Valeri

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Paul Murphy

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Paul Whittingham

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Peta Winzar

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Ray McGregor

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Rachel Harrigan

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Rod Jory

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Roger Grylls

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Ron Harris

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Ron Watkins

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Ross Jones

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Stephanie Quinn

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Steve Doszpot

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Con Poulos

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Alan Ward

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Arthur Huggins

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Bill Simeonivic

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Bill Van der Vlist

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Bob Mee

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Bob Tomlinson

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Brian Golledge

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Carlyle Thayer

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Carmel Carters

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Carolyn Lamaro

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Cass Hampton

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Chris Conti

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Clive MacKillop

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J Brown

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David Dillon

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David Oner

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Dennis McDermott

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Don Rushman

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Geoff Ashurst

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George Dobbin

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Gerry Martens

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Gordon Carmichael

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Gordon Dunster

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Hal Leslie

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Heather Reid

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Hendrik Thijssens

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