Hawker Football Centre

The Hawker Football Centre (HFC) is a synthetic surface football specific facility run by Capital Football.

Located on Walhallow St, Hawker, this facility offers ideal training and playing surface in all types of weather, with the installation of ‘TigerTurf Soccer Real’.

This facility is able to be booked by Capital Football affiliated clubs, and other interested user groups such as schools and private groups.

For booking information and availability please email the Capital Football Competitions Manager with the following information: Date, Time and Purpose of booking.

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For a map to locate the HFC click here

Hawker Football Centre - Schedule of Fees

Further information on Hawker Football Centre Surface

This drought proofing initiative sees a third-generation synthetic surface installed for the first time in a sporting venue in the ACT which will significantly benefit local players for years to come.

Gone are the days of carpet burns and hard surfaces according to TigerTurf Australia Marketing Manager, Jo Prothero, who believes ‘TigerTurf Soccer Real’ will play better than the real thing.“You wouldn’t get any more of a burn from sliding on the synthetic surface than you would on natural grass. You’re going to get more of a consistent play than you probably would on natural because you don’t have the divots or tufts of grass where the ball can deviate.”

HFC could hypothetically one day host international matches with the new state of the art surface meeting FIFA’s highest ‘Two Star’ synthetic surface rating. The Two Star is designed to basically mirror the playing characteristics of professional football.” Prothero said.

The installation of an artificial surface at HFC will have significant benefits for the local football and wider community allowing football and other sports to be played all-year-round on a surface designed for multifunctional use for all ages.

“The redeveloped HFC has also had installed match quality lighting which will allow for top flight football and Optus Small Sided Games during the winter months but also summer competitions on a quality surface,” McIntyre said.

Capital Football would like to acknowledge the support for the redevelopment from the ACT Government, TigerTurf Australia and the Capital Football community.

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