Senior Community Football: State League & Masters


Capital Football offers a thriving community football scene with both Men's and Women's State League and Masters competitions.

With eleven divisions playing across the weekend in Men's State League, and four dedicated Men's Masters divisions, there is a level for everyone within the men’s structure.

In the women’s competition there are five State League divisions and one Masters division.

Canberra boasts many State League clubs, some linked to Premier League sides, whilst others form stand alone teams. All member clubs offer their players a unique playing atmosphere and contribute to an eclectic and vibrant competition.

Community League - Draws and Results

The 2017 competition will run April-September. 

Fixtures for all Senior Community Leagues can now be viewed here

Men's State League - Competitions begin Saturday April 1st

Capital League & Capital League Reserves (1pm & 3pm)
Division 1 & Division 2 (3pm & 1pm)
Division 3 & Division 4 (3pm & 1pm)
Division 5 & Division 6 (3pm & 1pm)
Division 7 & Division 8 (3pm & 1pm) *not restricted to 10 teams & not paired
Division 9 (11am) *not restricted to 10 teams & not paired
Division 10 (11am) *not restricted to 10 teams & not paired


Men's Masters - Competitions Begins Sunday April 2nd

Division 1 (9am)
Division 2 (11am)
Division 3 (11am)
Masters O45 (9am)


Women's State League/Masters - Competition Begins Sunday April 2nd

Venue 1
Division 3 (10am)
Division 2 (12pm)
Division 1 (2pm)

Venue 2
Masters (10am)
Division 5 (12pm)
Division 4 (2pm)