Referee Level 2

The FFA Referee Level 2 program is the first of the advanced referee programs in the football referee pathway. There are 2 components to the program:

  • Theory – This component includes all theoretical units of the program including the Laws of the Game examinations; and
  • Practical  – This component includes the practical match assessments and completion of the program folder.

If you complete the Theory component of the Referee Level 2 program, you are not required to undertake the practical component.

Level 3 Referees aged 18 are eligible to undertake the program.

Match Officials are expected to complete the Referee Level 2 (Theory) course to referee CPL and NPL matches.


Potential candidates who wish to complete the FFA Referee Level 2 program must meet the following pre-requisites:

To undertake the Theory component participants must:

  • be at least 18 years old at the commencement of the training program;
  • be currently registered with FFA; and
  • hold a current Level 3 Referee qualification.

To undertake the Practical component participants must:

  • hold a current Referee Level 2 (Theory) qualification.


The fee for completing the Theory component of the program is $85.00. There is no fee for undertaking the practical component.



To be certified with a Referee Level 2 (Theory) qualification, you must:

  • attend all sessions (approx 7 contact hours) and complete Units 1-9 to the satisfaction of your Instructor;
  • submit your participant manual to Capital Football for assessment.
  • pass all of the the Laws of the Game exams. If you fail any of the Laws of the Game examinations you will be contacted to determine a date for another attempt.


To be certified with a Referee Level 2 qualification, you must:

  • be deemed competent in 2x matches as a Referee; and
  • be deemed competent in 1x matches as an Assistant Referee; and
  • complete and submit your Program Folder for review.
Please contact Lucy Griffin if you have any questions about the Referee Level 2 program.

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