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Trial Matches

Important COVID-19 Message

The sudden and significant re-emergence of COVID-19 cases across several Australian major cities highlights that the pandemic will continue to have an impact on football in 2021. Capital Football is mindful of the need to take precautions now to avoid any potential detrimental impacts on delivery of a full winter season. Moving forward, Capital Football intends to manage the process of reviewing each trial match request conservatively and on a case by case basis. Key factors to be considered as part of the review include: the location of the match, advice from Government, whether it is or isn’t located adjacent to a Covid affected area and the potential risks the match may present to our football and broader communities. If appropriate, Capital Football will revoke approval for a trial match should the situation change, and present a genuine risk.

Communication has been provided to Capital Football clubs which further outlines Capital Football’s position in relation to processes trial match requests and the responsibilities of clubs should they participate in a trial match.

The Trial Match Request Form is to be completed for any inter club trial matches (i.e. trial matches that are against another club), played either against other CF Clubs or other Member Federation Clubs. Clubs must not arrange trial matches without first submitting the Trial Match Request Form to CF at least seven (7) business days prior to the requested trial match date. The match then can only be conducted upon receipt of written approval from CF.

Clubs are responsible for ensuring that the venue they wish to use for the trial match is available and should book the venue once approval has been given by CF.  

Matches played at night must be played at venues with match approved lighting. For a full list of these venues, please contact CF prior to submitting the Trial Match Request Form

In the event that the match details change after submitting this form, please email the Competitions Department.

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