Are you a qualified referee moving to Canberra? Continue your refereeing career with Capital Football.

If you hold a valid match official qualification you can transfer and register with Capital Football. Before you are eligible to register with Capital Football, you must request a Clearance Letter from your referee branch, association or member federation.

The clearance letter should outline that:

  1. You have been registered with the current branch, association or member federation two out of the last four years;
  2. Your accreditation is valid;
  3. Your refereeing experience; and
  4. You do not have any outstanding financial or disciplinary commitments to your current registered branch, association or member federation.

Please email your Clearance Letter the Capital Football Referee Department.

Upon receiving your clearance letter, you will be sent the Referee Handbook that includes information on referee registration, uniform, communication and the appointment process to Capital Football competitions.

If you are a referee (aged 16+) transferring to the ACT, you will need to apply for a Working with Vulnerable People (WWVP) card. The WWVP card is free as a volunteer and can be completed here.

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