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The Capital Football U/17 Girls side will take on some of the best young talent in the country at the AIS between the 22nd and 26th July.

Check back in here for all the details and scores, as well as photos throughout the week.


Football West 0 drew. Capital Football 0

A hard-fought contest greeted our 17’s Girls for their first outing of the tournament, and neither side could find the breakthrough meaning they shared the points at the end of game one.


Day 2 | Tuesday, 23rd july

Capital Football 1 def. by Football NSW 2 

Despite a strong performance, Capital Football fell to a strong NSW side on Tuesday morning. After holding out for much of the first half the hosts conceded on the stroke of half-time, but scored just as quickly on the other side to level things up through Cecilija Matic.

NSW would eventually prevail though, scoring from close range in the second half to take all the points.


South Australia 0 def. by Capital Football 1 

Capital Football picked up a maiden win of the tournament, as a goal to Hayley Taylor-Young secured a 1-0 victory over South Australia and locked them in for second spot on the table.

REST DAY | Wednesday, 24th July

Day 4 | thursday, 25th july

Capital Football 0 def. by Victoria 4 

Queensland 1 def. Capital Football 0

Day 5 | Friday, 26th july

Friday sees a host of mixed-team games played, with team selection based off of performance during the week.


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