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Capital Football, in conjunction with Football Federation Australia are delighted to be hosting Canberra United Cup Football Festivals (5-a-side) once again in 2020.

Canberra United Cup Football Festivals bring together a number of local schools to participate in 5-a-side football matches in a round robin format at local venues.

The day will focus entirely on enjoyment and participation as no scoresĀ or team winners will be recorded. Some students will also have the chance to represent theirĀ team in a number of football challenges throughout the gala.

Football Festivals will provide both boys and girls who may or may not have played football before the opportunity to experience and be introduced to football in a fun, safe and pressure-free environment. It is also a great opportunity for year 5/6 students to gain valuable leadership experience by acting as game leaders and overseeing teams.

Canberra United Cup Football Festivals are open to Year 3/4 (boys, girls and mixed teams) and Year 5/6 (boys, girls and mixed teams) students from all schools across Canberra and its surrounding regions.

Contact Details:

For further information or to register please contact Brandon Stroud Capital Football Game Development Coordinator 6260 4000.

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