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Each Member Federation of Football Federation Australia (FFA), represents their state in the NTC Challenge.

Selection of Coaches/Team Managers

The coaches for the our National Training Centre Challenge (NTC) were appointed following expressions of interest advertised earlier this year. The Capital Football Technical Director made a short-list of candidates and the final appointments of NTC staff was endorsed by Capital Football Technical Committee.

Below is the staff list for NTC 2017:

  • NTC Girls:
    • Head Coach – Aroon Clansey
    • Assistant Coach – Angelo Maralit
    • GK Coach – Tim Davies
    • Team Manager – Merryn Brown
  • NTC Boys:
    • Head Coach – Njegosh Popovich
    • Assistant Coach – Ryan Grogan
    • GK Coach – Tim Davies
    • Team Manager – Ulisses da Silva


Selection of Players

All PS4 NPL Club Technical Directors were asked to consult their club coaches and ask them to make recommendations for the respective NTC teams. Those lists of players were forwarded to the respective NTC coaches who were then sent to watch the PS4 NPL games to help them identify the talented players. The coaches had access to an online scouting form that they would send to the Capital Football Technical Director after watching those games.

After watching the players playing in the PS4 NPL, the Head Coach would then invite those short-listed players for training sessions. The Head Coach, in consultation with Capital Football Technical Director would finalise the selection of players who would represent ACT in the NTC.

Please find the dates of the NTC for this year.

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