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National Club Development Program

Community-based football clubs play a key role in the development of football in Australia. There is no doubt that they are the driving force for participation and enjoyment of their members within the great game of football

To raise the overall standard of club administration and operations at all levels of the game, Football Federation Australia has established the National Club Development Program (NCDP) with the assistance of all Member Federations, select Associations, Zones, Branches and the Clubs themselves.

The Program aims to provide a clear model that helps develop and maintain a successful football club. The NCDP is an enhanced and online version of the previous National Club Accreditation Scheme (NCAS) that was introduced in 2012.

The NCDP will be accompanied by an online resource library that will aim to help provide information and the tools necessary for clubs to improve.

The NCDP aims to achieve these objectives:

  • Improve processes and controls of affiliated clubs
  • Assist Member Federations and Governing Bodies to better support clubs, by facilitating a process which encourages greater engagement
  • Improve the efficiencies of the sport
  • Establish benchmarks of success across Australia
  • Improve player retention
  • Increase female participation
  • Increase MiniRoos Participation
  • Increase the number of clubs accessing and utilizing the National Club Development Program
  • Improve net promoter score among administrators

To log in to the NCDP, please click here. For all inquiries about the NCDP and how this will apply to your club, please contact Kelly Stirton.

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