Game Training Certificate

1. Introduction

The course is aimed at coaches of players aged 13-17 years of age who are in the 'Game Training Phase'

The Game Training course is for those coaches who require the knowledge and competency to plan, organise and deliver practices in a 'team setting'

This course replaces the Youth Certificate and Youth Licence and is an accredited program under the auspices of the Football Federation Australia National Coach Accreditation Scheme.

Football Federation Australia's approved Presenters focus the course content on competent organisation of suitable practices.

The course has been designed to further enhance the knowledge of those coaches who are currently coaching youth players.

2. Course Objectives and Outcomes

On the completion of this course the coach will be able to:

  • Plan and deliver appropriate ‘Passing Warm-up’ activities for the 9–13 age group.
  • Plan and deliver appropriate 'Positioning Games' component/s.
  • Plan and deliver  a progressive ‘Game Training’ component of a session for 9–13 age group.
  • Plan and deliver  'Training Game' practices that conclude/s the session.
  • Have a clear understanding of the coaching process during the Game Training Phase.
  • Conduct a practice session in a safe environment, ensuring maximum participation and maintaining adequate supervision.
  • Perform the role of team coach on game day
  • Safety, Risk Management, Group Management, Communication, Inclusion Coaching, Ethical Coaching and Appropriate Coach Behaviour will be integrated into the course.

3. Course Duration

14 hours

4. Course Preparation

Candidates are advised to undertake adequate pre-course preparation by downloading and printing the Game Training Course Manual from  Candidates must bring the printed course manual to the course.

It is recommended that the candidates prepare themselves in a physical sense, particularly if they are not actively playing or coaching immediately prior to the start of the course.

NOTE: Candidates will be invited to participate in practical sessions. Those who are unable to do so are required to declare any medical impediment in writing and advise the Course Presenter.

5. Course Content

All modules are practical.

6. Pre-Requisites

Minimum age 15 years old

7. Candidate Assessment

There is no formal assessment on the course however candidates will have several teaching practice opportunities.

  • Successful completion of course workbook
  • Full attendance at all modules
  • Active contribution/s during Peer group feedback

8. Course Fees


9. Registration

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