ALDI MiniRoos Football

ALDI MiniRoos Football (MRF) games are modified forms of 11-a-side football, designed to meet the needs of players under the age of 12, who have very different developmental characteristics and needs to adult players. The philosophy of MRF focuses on enjoyment and freedom of expression with limited emphasis on coaching per se, particularly in the formative years of a player’s development.


ALDI MiniRoos Football Formats

In 2009 Football Federation Australia (FFA) released the National Curriculum. The National Curriculum was a key initiative put forward in the FFA National Football Development Plan released in November 2007. The National Curriculum aims to provide national guidance and an integrated and consistent approach to the development of players and coaches throughout the country. As a result of a combination of the release of the National Curriculum and feedback from the football community, including Member Federations, Associations, Zones, Clubs, parents and players, the Aldi MiniRoos Football formats have been adjusted for implementation at the commencement of the 2010 season and beyond. The  ALDI MiniRoos Formats are summarized below;

Playing Format Under 6 & 7 Under 8 & 9 Under 10 & 11
Numbers 4 v 4 7 v 7 9 v 9
Field Size

Length: 30m

Width: 20m

Minimum: 40m long x 30m wide

Maximum: 50m long x 40 m wide

Minumum: 60m long x 40m wide

Maximum: 70m long x 50m wide

Field Markings Markers or line markings Markers or line markings Markers or line markings
Penalty Area Nil 5m deep by 12m wide 5m deep x 12m wide
Goal Size

Width: 2.0m

Height: 1.0m

Width: 3.0m

Height: 2.0m

Width: 5.0m

Height: 2.0m

Goal Type Goals, Poles or Markers Goals, Poles or Markers Goals, Poles or Markers
Ball Size Size 3 Size 3 Size 4
Goalkeeper No Yes Yes
Playing Time 2 x 15 minutes 2 x 20 minutes 2 x 25 minutes
Half Time Break 5 minutes 5 minutes 5 minutes
 Referee Game Leader Game Leader Game Leader
Point's Table & Finals No No No

An indepth copy of the game rules and formats can be downloaded here