Getting Started

To get started in football, you simply need ot register for an FFA Number on the MyFootballClub System!

Already have an FFA Number

If you already have an FFA Number - it's as simple as contacting your local club and ensuring that they are offering the appropriate playing opportunitites for you. A list of our local clubs and their websites can be found HERE.

Register to a Club

ALL club registrations are completed on-line at MyFootballClub so please ensure you contact your local club or Capital Football (phone - 62604000) for assisatnce if required.

Need help finding a club? Head over to the following link to find your local -

Competition Options

The different competition options are outlined on the Capital Football Competitions page - HERE

New to the Region?

If you are new to the Region, please contact the Capital Football office - 02 62604000 - for any guidance or information.