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How do the Futsal Certificate and Licence Differ?

The easiest way to define the distinction that is now being made is as follows:

Certificate: Coaching competencies will be highlighted and experienced but not formally assessed at this stage.

Licence: Coaches are formally assessed and deemed competent or not yet competent based on the criteria from the coaching checklist.

Naturally, a higher order of planning, thinking, observing and organisation would be expected should you wish to qualify for the licence accreditation. In

either course you will have a number of opportunities on the course to develop your coaching.

Futsal Certificate

Where: TBC

When: Tuesday 6th October 2015 (6:00pm-9:30pm)

Cost: $75

Registration Closed




The Futsal Certificate is a pre-requisite for the Futsal Licence


Futsal Licence

Where: (TBC)

When: (TBC)

Cost: $105

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Candidates are required to complete both registration and payment to secure their place on the course!


AFC Futsal Level 1 Course


The FFA/AFC Level 1 course is the basic course after which holders can go on to take the Level 2 and Level 3 certificate courses after fulfilling certain requirements.

To attend the AFC Level 1 participants must hold a current Futsal Licence with the FFA. This is our 8 hour course that we have been conducting for the last 4 years
Candidates must be a minimum of 18 years of age. Candidates must attend every day of the course. Sessions can run anywhere from 8:30am to 8:30pm.


Where: AIS Canberra

When: 13th August to 18th August

Cost: $1210.00

Click here to download the application form all completed forms must be sent in to coaching@capitalfootball.com.au