Capital Football FFA Qualifying Final to be live-streamed

Capital Football are excited to announce that this weekend’s Westfield FFA Cup Qualifying Final will be streamed live on BarTV Sports, the beginning of an agreement that will see one match a round for the remainder of the Playstation4 National Premier Leagues Season streamed.

BarTV Sports is a Livestream production and broadcast company which specialises in the delivery of Second and Mid-Tier sports across Australia. Currently they are the largest supplier of Sports related content across multiple platforms in the livestream media space.

In 2017’s winter season, BarTV Sports are producing over 65 outside broadcast matches a week for all the major winter sports.

BarTV Sports General Manager said the company was excited to jump into football in the Canberra region.

“BarTV sports is extremely excited to add the Playstation4 National Premier Leagues Capital Football to our portfolio of football competitions,” he said.

“Canberra is a unique sporting environment and we are pleased to be adding Football to our existing sport coverage in the region. Canberra’s PS4 NPL is one of the strongest NPL competitions in the country, proven by Canberra Olympic’s dream run in last season’s FFA Cup,” he added.

Capital Football CEO Phil Brown said that the introduction of Live Streaming would be a boost to the league, increasing the viewership and marketability of the competition.

“Introducing live streaming for our local NPL will help to not only grow the league’s viewership and popularity,” Brown said, “but will add to the football product our clubs offer their corporate partners and fans”.

Following this weekend’s Qualifying Final, one match of each NPL weekend will be livestreamed and have a highlights package produced. BarTV Sports will cover one PS4 NPL Women’s match in each block of three weeks, with the other two matches filmed to be Men’s PS4 NPL.

Further details regarding the platform and how to watch will be announced before the Qualifying Final.