Andrea Hotchkiss wins ACT Senior Woman of the Year

Capital Football extends its congratulations to Andrea Hotchkiss after she was announced as the ACT Senior Woman of the Year last night.

With the awards coinciding with today’s International Women’s Day and the beginning of Female Football Week, Hotchkiss’ award was recognition for the instrumental part she has played in the building and growth of female football in the ACT.

Since 1978, when Hotchkiss started the ACT Women’s Soccer Association, she has worked tirelessly as an advocate for women and girls to participate in and enjoy football for over three decades.

Andrea has coached at Belsouth, where she was responsible for the implementation of girls’ football, and continues to be a mentor and advisor to female coaches at a club that has grown by the thousands since she began.

Hotchkiss was also one of the first women to gain a referee qualification in Canberra and is a staunch promoter of refereeing opportunities for women and girls in Canberra as the game continues to grow.

With Female Football Week beginning today, the timely recognition of Hotchkiss provides a special background to an already important event.

Women play a significant role behind the scenes in football, comprising 50% of Capital Football’s staff positions, including Canberra United striker and Westfield W-League Golden Boot winner Ashleigh Sykes.

Add in the thousands of women and girls contributing time to club committees, coaching, refereeing and volunteering and you can see just how important women in football are to providing opportunities for everyone engaged in the game.

For information regarding Female Football Week, please see the main page of our website, or contact David Jordan for details.