Become a referee in 2017

Become a referee or game leader with Capital Football in 2017 with our nine pre-season entry-level courses.

The first entry-level course Capital Football delivers is a Game Leader course. The Game Leader course is an entry-level course which introduces players, coaches and officials to the basic concepts of officiating. A Game Leader qualification is the perfect start for anyone to become a referee.

Game Leaders are responsible for controlling Aldi MiniRoos matches, ensuring the game moves fluently, assist players with all match restarts and create an environment that ensures that all players have fun, maximum involvement and are learning the game.

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In addition to the Game Leader course, Capital Football also delivers the FFA Level 4 Referee Course. The FFA Level 4 Referee course is the entry level course to officiating full field games. The Level 4 referee course is accredited by FFA. It is a great way to be involved in community football, develop leadership skills, improve confidence, develop communication skills and earn some money.


Capital Football will also be hosting its first FFA Level 4 Referee course for females as part of Female Football Week. The Level 4 Referee female only course will be one of five referee entry-level courses Capital Football will be delivering prior to the start of the 2017 football season.

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