Capital Football Annual Referee Awards

The Annual Capital Football Referee Awards were recently announced at the annual referee function and for the first time Futsal awards were also presented

Ben Williams and Brett Woodford both retired from active refereeing this year and were both recognised for the efforts over a long time. Ben has finished refereeing at the highest level internationally and has returned to his teaching job and will now spend time with his family.

Congratulations to all the recipients of awards. In particular we would like to acknowledge Danny Parker (inaugural winner of the Futsal Referee of the year) and Andrew Higginson (Nick Szego)as both these awards were voted on by their peers.

Danny has been one of the top Futsal referees recently and has alwaysbeen available to assist other referees and had a great demeanour with the players.
Danny has also recently retired from officiating at Futsal.

Andrew has also been busy this year. He has been actively involved in nurturing the junior referees at Belsouth as well taking on the Kanga Cup Referee Coach Coordinator role. Chris Blain (Oner Management recipient) for his contribution in coaching referees and leading the Referee Technical Committee over the past four years.

A full list of the recipients below:

Oner Management Award: Chris Blain
Encouragement Award: Matt Schofield
Nick Szego Award: Andrew Higginson
Ian Hotchkiss Encouragement Award: Lawrence Atkin
Gordon Carmichael Encouragement Award: Daniel Claremont
Junior Molnar Award: Thomas Gellatly
Senior Molnar Award: Nathan Shakespear
Academy Referee of the Year: Harrison Shield
Cadet of the Year Laura Pease
Women’s Fed Cup Final Referee: Georgia Ghirardello
Women’s Premier League Final Referee: Georgia Ghirardello
Men’s Fed Cup Final Referee: Owen Goldrick
Men’s Premier League Final Referee: Luke Withell
Futsal Referee’s Referee of the Year:  Danny Parker
Futsal Academy Referee of the Year:  Hamish Driver Rae
Futsal Men’s Premier League Grand Final:  James Nikolaidis, Georgia Ghirardello, Hamish Driver Rae
Futsal Women’s Premier League Grand Final:  Danny Parker, Alasdair Grocock, Duncan McLaren
North Canberra Futsal Junior Referee: Oscar Enright
South Canberra Futsal Junior Referee: Tom Stewart