2016 National Youth Championship for Boys

The ACT will send a pair of strong teams to the 2016 National Youth Championship for Boys, the competition for which commences next week. Two sixteen-player squads, representing Capital Football at under-13 and under-15 level will travel to Coffs Harbour for the event, playing half-a-dozen matches each.

The majority of the squad are from the CU Academy but a number of players have been selected from outside those groups including Ethan Stamatis of Gungahlin United and William Buckmaster of Canberra Olympic in the U13 team and Tigers quartet Keegan Vucetic, Jayden Virtue, Armani Taffa and Ben Anderson in the U14 alongside Yahya Djomani-Ousmane and Henry Jagla of Belconnen United. 

Buckmaster played for Canberra Olympic U14 in 2016 and was identified during the year as a player with potential and invited to join Capital Football on training agreement. He demonstrated his potential during his time with Capital Football and was offered a spot in the ACT representative team to go to NYC 2016.

It was a similar tale for young Stamatis. Selected for Gungahlin United in the PS4 NPl14 competition Stamatis was also offered a training agreement with CU Academy and represented the Academy at the 2016 NSR Kanga Cup in the U13 Cup competition.  

Capital Football wishes both squads the best of luck during the tournament. You can follow the results of each match on our social media channels throughout next week. 

1. Zachary AUSTIN (CUA, Majura FC), 2. Jak MATIC (CUA, Canberra FC), 3. Jacob GARNER (CUA, Yass FC, BUFC), 4. Joseph BOKE (CUA, Gungahlin United, Canberra City), 5. Ethan BARAC (CUA, Monaro Panthers), 6. Timothy BOKE (CUA, Gungahlin United, Canberra City), 7. Sebastian WOODS (CUA, Gungahlin United), 8. Noah VANDERPOL (CUA, Monaro Panthers), 9. Luca FLOREZ (CUA, Belsouth), 10. Aidan MILICEVIC (CUA, Gungahlin United), 11. William BUCKMASTER (Canberra Olympic), 12. Jack PERAIC-CULLEN (CUA, Canberra Olympic), 13. Bailey SORENSON (CUA, Belnorth, Canberra Olympic), 14. Maxx GREEN (CUA, Belnorth, Canberra Olympic), 15. Ethan STAMATIS (Gungahlin United), 16. Stacey BUGLER (CUA, Brindabella Blues)

Head Coach: Stash KALADZINSKI
Assistant Coach: Sam MCLOUGHLIN-WILDEN
Team Manager: Pat MILLS
Physio: Alex EDWARDS – SportsTec Clinic
GK Coach: Tim DAVIES

3/10: Victoria Metro W 2-1 (Milicevic, Florez)
4/10: South Australia W 2-1 (Milicevic, Stamatis)
5/10: Queensland Metro D 2-2 (Florez (2))
5/10: Football West L 0-3
6/10: NSW Metro Blue L 0-5
7/10: NNSW Metro D 2-2 (Florez, Barac)
1. Riley BOYLE (CUA, Weston Molonglo, Tigers FC), 2. Cody ASHBURNER (CUA, Gungahlin United, Goulburn), 3. Stefan VUCIC (CUA, Woden Valley, Tuggeranong United, Gungahlin United), 4. Leon MICHL (CUA, Belconnen United, Belnorth), 5. Keegan VUCETIC (Tigers FC), 6. Murphy SHAW (CUA, Canberra Olympic, Belsouth), 7. Zachary BARBATANO (CUA, Gungahlin United), 8. Ben ANDERSON (Tigers FC), 9. Luca MACOR (CUA, Gungahlin United, Belconnen United), 10. Henry JAGLA (Belconnen United), 11. Armani TAFFA (Tigers FC), 12. Nikola JADRIC (CUA, Belnorth, Belconnen United), 13. Fabian OLIVARES (CUA, Gungahlin United), 14. Dejan NEDESKI (CUA, Monaro Panthers), 15. Yahya DJOMANI-OUSMANE (Belconnen United), 16. Jayden VIRTUE (Tigers FC)

Head Coach: Bernie TO
Assistant Coach: Tom MILICEVIC
Team Manager: Ignacio MARQUEZ-MUSSO
Physio: Gareth BANNON
GK Coach: Tim DAVIES

3/10: Victoria Metro L 0-9
4/10: South Australia L 1-5 (Jagla)
5/10: Queensland Metro L 1-4 (Barbatano)
5/10: Football West L 2-4 (Nedeski, Barbatano)
6/10: NSW Metro Blue L 0-5
7/10: NSW Metro L 2-5 (Barbatano (2))