Success for Capital Football at Girl’s FFA National Championships

Capital Football enjoyed another successful year at the Girl’s FFA National Youth Championships winning the under-13 Pool B competition and seeing an additional player identified for the Junior Matildas.

The under-13 team, coached by Matt Moore, went undefeated throughout the week claiming four wins and a draw and playing some exceptional football with Isabella Barac, winner of the Player of the Tournament in 2015, once more outstanding. Barac, a playmaking number ten, was top scorer with four goals and was a constant menace to the opposition.

In addition to Barac, defender Josephine Dubbert, all-rounder Emma Ilijoski, Alexia Forner and Jaide Trewin were exceptional with Forner and Trewin netting three goals apiece in what was a good all-round team display.

The under 15s team, coached by Obi Shadmaan and Ulisses Da Silva, had an outstanding 2016 Nationals campaign playing some excellent passages of football. The team finished the week in a commendable 4th position (out of 9 national squads), making this one of the best results at the FFA Girls National Youth Championships for the ACT in 6 years. Every player in the squad contributed to the success of this tournament.  Lily Dawson (three) and Mia Giorgi (two) scored the majority of the team’s goals.  

Fourteen-year-old Cecilija Matic was identified from the under-15 group to attend the Junior Matildas training camp this week in Canberra, a just reward for some top class performances in defence and midfield across the course of the week.  Matic joins Karly Roestbakken and Sarah Morgan in the Junior Matildas camp. 

With the experience of performing in front of large crowds at the Coffs Harbour International Stadium, the 15s are ready to build on their confidence and growth as the region’s future footballers during the next round of the Women’s Premier League – the highest competition offered in women’s football in the ACT.


Match 1: Football West W 3-0 (Jaide Trewin (2), Alexia Forner)
Match 2: Tasmania W 5-3 (Isabella Barac (2), Jordan Ujdur, Tianah Miro, Alexia Forner)
Match 3: NSW Metro D 1-1 (Isabella Barac)
Match 4: NSW Country W 1-0 (Jaide Trewin)
Match 5: Northern Territory W 3-1 (Isabella Barac, Ayla Robertson, Alexia Forner)

4 – Isabella BARAC
3 – Alexia FORNER, Jaide TREWIN
1 – Tianah MIRO, Ayla ROBERTSON, Jordan UJDUR

Finish: 1st (Pool B)

Match 1: South Australia D 1-1 (Molly Lawless)
Match 2: Northern NSW L 0-1
Match 3: Queensland W 1-0 (Isobel Mulhall)
Match 4: Victoria L 0-1
Match 5: Tasmania D 1-1 (Mia Giorgi)
Match 6: NSW Country W 3-1 (Lily Dawson (2), Mia Giorgi)
Match 7: Football West W 1-0 (Lily Dawson)
Match 8: NSW Metro D 0-0

3 – Lily DAWSON
2 – Mia GIORGI
1 – Molly LAWLESS, Isobel MULHALL

Finish: 4th


1. Sophie SPICE (Monaro Panthers), 2. Paloma KELLY (Gungahlin United), 3. Ellie BEVAN-ZUREK (Belsouth), 4. Elke AITOLU (Canberra Olympic), Emma ILLIJOSKI (Majura SC), 6. Jaide TREWIN (Gungahlin United), 7. Jordan UJDUR (Gungahlin United), 8. Josephine DUBBERT (Brindabella Blues), 9. Tianah MIRO (Gungahlin United), 10. Isabella BARAC (Canberra City), 11. Alexia FORNER (Canberra Olympic), 12. Maren FIELDS (Brindabella Blues), 13. Mikayla HEDDITCH (Weston-Molonglo FC), 14. Grace BURNS (Canberra Girls Grammar School), 15. Ayla ROBERTSON* (Majura SC), 16. Mikayla ZERVOS (Belsouth)

Head Coach: Matt MOORE
Assistant Coach: Aroon CLANSEY

1. Olivia RIDDEL (Woden Valley), 2. Bronte PYKE (Weston-Molonglo FC), 3. Mikayla VIDMAR (Woden Valley), 4. Sophie BARNSLEY (Woden Valley), 5. Emily JENSEN (Tuggeranong United), 6. Cecilija MATIC (Gungahlin United), 7. Isabella TAMMARO (Gungahlin United), 8. Anna MIHALYKA (Woden Valley), 9. Mia GIORGI (Gungahlin United), 10. Georja DICKIE (Brindabella Blues), 11. Lily DAWSON (Majura SC), 12. Demi NIKIAS (Brindabella Blues), 13. Stella DE MARCO (Belconnen United), 14. Molly LAWLESS (Woden Valley), 15. Isabel MULHALL (Woden Valley), 16. Alexis BOCKING (Belconnen United)*

Head Coach: Obi SHADMAAN
Assistant Coach: Ulisses DA SILVA

All players are members of the CU Academy squad apart from those marked with an *. Their junior club of origin is listed above.