First PFA C-Licence Course This Week

Canberra will play host to the very first C-Licence course run in conjunction with the Professional Footballer’s Association (PFA) as thirteen professionals descend on Canberra to learn the latest best practices at the Australian Institute of Sport commencing on Friday morning. 

The course, which will run for four days and culminate on Monday afternoon, will be run by Capital Football Technical Director Warren Grieve. Grieve will lead the group of professional players through the intricacies of the C-Licence, both theoretical and practical, which form the basis of coach education in Australia. 

“This is the first time that the course has been run by the PFA which highlights the intent of the PFA and the FFA to provide opportunities for players looking to transition into coaching roles either in the near future of once their playing careers are over,” Grieve commented. 

“It’s pleasing to see thirteen professionals wanting to take the next step and further their education and understanding of the national playing style as Australia strives to create our own football DNA.”

The C-Licence course contains generic content equally applicable to coaching at both junior and senior levels with the four-days scheduled for this week focused on Game Training of players 17 years and over. The course will give the candidates a knowledge base that will assist them when undertaking further specialised coaching courses and put them on the path to a fuller understanding of the FFA's long term Vision and Philosophy to make Australia the world leader in the world game. 

There will be a full model session held at the AIS Synthetic Fields on Friday 17th June from 1-2.30pm. Anyone interested in attending to observe the session are more than welcome to come along on the day. All course participants will be attending the Westfield FFA Cup Final at Deakin Stadium on Saturday evening. 

PFA C-Licence Course
Friday 17th June – Monday 20th June
(Australian Institute of Sport, 9am-6pm)