Capital Football & NPL Clubs Joint Statement

The Capital Football Board welcomed the opportunity to meet with each of the National Premier League clubs to discuss in a constructive manner the further development of football.  

The Capital Football Board recognises the important role of the NPL clubs in the development of players and coaches and the need for the NPL clubs and Capital Football to work together to ensure a unified approach to the ongoing development of football.  

The commitment to work together resulted in agreement to address three specific issues.  It was agreed:

1. That by the end of June 2016 Capital Football will develop, in consultation with clubs, an independent, transparent selection process for players and coaches in ACT representative teams;

2. To define the role of the Capital Football High Performance player pathway, that includes and defines the role of clubs, by the end of October 2016.

3. That an important part of the review of the governance of Capital Football is a recognised need to ensure that NPL clubs are actively involved in the effective and accountable administration of football.