Futsal Focus Group

Terms of Reference as approved by the Capital Football Board

The Futsal Focus Group is deisigned as a working group to advise the Capital Football Board and the Chief Executive Officer on strategic and policy matters relating to Futsal technical and competition matters. The Board, the Chief Executive Officer or the Members may refer any matter relating to Futsal to the Futsal Focus Group for advice. The Futsal Focus Group may give any advice requested of it, and may (whether or not requested to do so) make recommendations to the Board and the Chief Executive Officer on:
(a)measures to promote, develop and improve Futsal in the ACT;
(b)policies and processes relating to the technical direction of Futsal;
(c)coaching standards and coach behaviour as it relates to Futsal
(d)refereeing standards and referee behaviour as it relates to Futsal; and
(e)any other relevant matter relating to futsal.

Futsal Focus Group Members and Role (as of 1 June 2016)

Association Member Name Role in Association
 Capital Football  Jesamine Wheeler  CF Futsal League Administrator
 North Canberra Junior Futsal Club  Wayne Harding  CF Delegate
 South Canberra Junior Futsal Club  Robert Lamaro  President
 Boomerangs Futsal Club  Kristian Collins  President
 North Canberra Untouchables Futsal Club  Michael Sydney  Committee Member
 Technical - Referees  James Nikolaidis  CF Referee Technical Committee
 Independent Rep  Angelo Konstantinou  Elite Pathways & Business
 Independent Rep  Robert Issell  Business

Focus Areas

The FFG has identifed 5 key Focus Areas and the deliverables of each area as outlined below.

Focus Area Deliverables
1) Junior competitons and pathway into seniors a. Structure of competitions
b. Promotion of the sport
2) Local futsal competitions a. Structure of competitions including social and Premier League Juniors and Seniors
b. Timeline of seasons
c. Promotion of the sport
d. Competition regulations
e. Sponsorship
3) High Performance Juniors and Seniors a. F-League
b. ACT Futsal Nationals teams
4) Technical coaching and officiating a. Coaching curriculum
b. Education sessions/courses
5) Facility development a. Progress update
b. Communication with CF board

Futsal Forum

Capital Football will be hosting a Futsal Forum in the towards the end of July/August. A survey will be distributed to members in the coming weeks to further refine the important topics for the forum.

For further information on the Futsal Focal Group contact Jesamine Wheeler on (02) 6175 7115 or jesamine.wheeler@capitalfootball.com.au