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Football Federation Australia has established a Coach Accreditation Structure within the National Coaching Scheme. Coach Education Courses are now available to assist in the development of coaches at all levels of ability in modern coaching and training methods. A two-pathway system has been introduced, catering for both Community and Advanced coaches.

Commencing in 2014 the redesigned Community courses align to the FFA Building Blocks and National Curriculum. The courses on offer are: Grassroots Certificate, Skill Training Certificate, Game Training Certificate and Senior Coaching Certificate. The Advanced courses are approved by the Asian Football Confederation (AFC), and are titled A, B and C Certificates/Licence - these courses are recognised by Europe’s governing body, UEFA.

Community Accreditation

All community accreditations listed below are scheduled and conducted by Capital Football Coach Education.

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Grassroots Football Certificate - Discovery Phase

 For coaches training 5-9 year old players

This 3 hour course is fully practical and encourages the coach to develop practices that are based on FUN.

The emphasis is on natural development i.e. learning by PLAYING football. No coaching however organising FUN football exercises is the key to helping players build a love for the game.

Another highlight of the course is that the coaches are exposed to basic rules of the game as well as tips and hints on building a football culture in a completely practical setting.

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Skill Training Certificate

For coaches training 9-13 year old players

This course is aimed at coaches of  players in the Skill Acquisition Phase.

The course will focus on the 4 core skills: Striking the ball, 1st touch, running with the ball and 1 v 1 and  aims to provide coaches with the knowledge and competency to prepare and deliver age specific practices.

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Game Training Certificate

For coaches training 13-17 year old players

This course is aimed at coaches of  players in the Game Training Phase.

In the Game Training Phase the coach's aim will be be the development of tactical awareness, perception and decision making thgough a game related approach to training.

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Senior Coaching Certificate

For coaches training players 17 and above

This course is aimed at coaches of players in the Performance Phase.

In this Phase the focus in on how to prepare a team within a competitive environment. Solving football problems through match analysis shall determine the coach's training sessions. Football conditioning is also a key part of the course.    

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Community Goalkeeper Award




This course is player focussed and based on the delivery of goalkeeper sessions that are:

Safe: Practices are conducted after considering safety aspects in relation to, People, Environment and Equipment (People: eg. practices - observers and participants are not placed where they can be hit by balls etc.: Environment; eg Area has been checked etc.: Equipment; eg shin pads worn, balls are well kept etc.

Well organised: Coach manages players quickly into meaningful practices/games: Utilises a plan, whether provided by FFA or designed by themselves that delivers NFC outcomes.

Enjoyable: Players are engaged and have fun throughout the session eg Football games are being played for 80% of the session (A game does not need 11v11 but may comprise of a variety of players and has an area, rules, objective/goal and opposition).

Reflected: Coaches are able to review/reflect on the delivery of the session and can adapt future sessions to ensure the above outcomes are achieved.

Duration: 16 hours

Advanced Accreditation

All Advanced accreditation is scheduled and conducted by Football Federation Australia Coach Education.

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AFC/FFA C Licence

AFC/FFA C Regional Licence

AFC/FFA B Licence

AFC/FFA A Licence