Wet Weather Policy


For training, when there is wet weather, clubs are asked to use common sense in the training environment and to stay off areas that are obviously not in a suitable condition and allow the fields to recover.

If ACT Government Grounds are closed by the relevant authority, it will be published on the apporiate SRS website - HERE


When extreme conditions occur please assume that all games are still ON. If a game is to be postponed this will be decided upon at the discretion of the club grounds officer or  the referee on a field by field basis. Any changes to this policy will be posted on this Website and communicated to your club delegate.

Clubs and their representatives are asked to use common sense when considering the use of footbasll facilities in the evnt of wet weather.

Any blanket cancellation of non-competitive competitions (MinRoos Football) will be communicated via the Capital Football Website and social media channels. In most circumstances, host clubs will be responsible for making any determination of cancellation of non-competitive games.

Cancellation of competitive games (Under 12s - Open Ages) will be conducted by the referee and/or club referee co-ordinator and will be decided upon on a game-by-game / field-by-field basis. In the circumstance that a referee is not appointed or a venue manager not present, it will be the responsibility of the home team to make a determination.

For further information check the ACT Sport and Recreation website for a blanket announcement - click HERE