Football Connect Participation Project

The aim of this project is to increase community awareness of the existing Capital Football-Football Connect disability programs and therefore expand enrolment and active participation in our developing programming to ensure the long term and ongoing viability of disability football in the ACT. (Football - Connect Futsal Fives, Football-Connect All-Ability League). The Football-Connect participation project hopes to achieve increased awareness by

  1. Proactively identifying and communicating new programming opportunities with ACT Dept of Ed. Learning Support Units, Learning Support centres and special school staff
  2. Delivering in-school disability specific come and try football visits
  3. Delivering single and multi school disability gala days during school hours at local football community club facilities
  4. Providing volunteers, parents, and carers with coaching course scholarships and ongoing training and education to FFA community courses

For More information on our Football Connect Participation Project please contact Capital Football Game Development

Developed with assistance from the ACT Government under Disability ACT  and the Sports and Recreation Services Inclusive participation Funding programs

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